Model number: CL-901

Anti-wrinkle agent

Appearance: beige liquid
PH value: 5.5~6.5
Ionicity: non-ionic


Main purpose

This agent (CL-901) is an excellent product developed to prevent wrinkles during refining or high and low temperature dyeing. This agent is suitable for pre-positioning operations, dyeing operations or post-processing operations of various blends of plain woven or knitted fabrics such as wool cellulose fiber, nylon, T/C, T/R, and Tetoron. Be applicable.


  1. The use of this agent can prevent wrinkles from being treated in a rope-like manner during fiber pretreatment, dyeing or soaping operations.
  2. This agent can be dyed at a high temperature of 135°C with good stability, and there will be no oil spots.
  3. This agent has non-foaming properties.
  4. This agent still has a stabilizing effect against the presence of hard water, organic acids or high amounts of salt (100g/l, or 80g/l Glauber's salt).
  5. This agent is more effective for T/C and S/P cloths that are most prone to wrinkles or water marks in dyeing.


The weight of each yard of cloth is about 0.5~2% below 300g, and the weight of more than 300g is 1.5~3%

Matters needing attention

  1. This agent is a special anionic product and is not suitable for salt organic dyes or cationic additives.
  2. This agent is not suitable for cationic dyeing of 100% acrylic fabrics, but it can be used for dyeing of acrylic blended fabrics. It is only necessary to add precipitation preventive agent and the application amount should not exceed 2g/l, otherwise it will slow dyeing to the dye.
  3. Except cationic dyeing and cationic auxiliaries are not applicable, other dyes and auxiliaries (including dye guide agents) have good compatibility.