Model number: CL-900

High temperature defoamer

Appearance: milky white liquid
PH value: 7±0.5
Ionicity: non-ionic
Stability: The acid, alkali and electrolysis used in general fiber dyeing can be stable
Solubility: diluted in water at room temperature


Main purpose

This agent (CL-900) is a high-temperature Silicone defoaming agent developed by our company to improve this situation, especially for the annoying bubbles.


  1. Continuously defoaming during the dyeing process.
  2. The good permeability of this agent shows excellent properties for tightly organized fabrics.
  3. This agent helps other dyeing auxiliaries to exert their effects in production. In production, it can prevent stains from occurring and keep the operating procedures smooth.
  4. This agent is particularly effective in preventing bubbles from printing paste.